Android app and NFC make smartphone vulnerable to hacking

Android app and NFC make smartphone vulnerable to hacking

Google has released a patch since last month that fixes bugs in the Android Beam program. The NFC module is responsible for its functionality, and it is used to transfer files and various media data between devices, similar to Bluetooth.

In January 2019, IT security expert Safronovich spoke about some of the vulnerabilities of the program. Moreover, his opinion has become relevant right now.

The fact is that “apk” is the installation file. Without any confirmation, such programs can only be installed from the official Google Play Market. However, the Android Beam program received equal rights with the Play Store and all applications that were betrayed through it are installed without a warning from the operating system, i.e. in one click. Thus, there was a risk that hackers could use this “hole” to transfer infected files or install unwanted software.

Google itself says that in October 2019, they removed the application from the list of trusted code sources, but those who did not install the patch with the patch on the smartphone are at risk.

The specialist explained how to avoid infection. The distance between devices when transferring files via NFC should be no more than 4 cm. That is, maintaining a certain distance will be a solution to the problem. Next method: Android Beam system stop in the standard application settings menu.

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