Battlefield mode launched in Hearthstone

Battlefield mode launched in Hearthstone

During the BlizzCon 2019 festival last week after the announcement of the Diablo IV game, Blizzard introduced players to the new Hearthstone mode, which some gamers have already accessed.

The “Battlegrounds” mode is a card “autobutter”. He is a kind of heir to Dota AutoChess. Gamers have to choose one of twenty-four characters and come together in a duel with the same gamers. In this case, each player will collect his own army from various creatures. According to classics, characters are divided according to characteristics that determine their strength. Between fights, combatants can upgrade their fighters. In total, each gamer will have eight opponents, and the end of the confrontation will come when only one player remains on the battlefield.

The open beta test starts on November 12, but some gamers can already evaluate the new mode. So, visitors to BlizzCon, owners of a “virtual ticket” and pre-customers of the “Onslaught of dragons” add-on can go to the “Battlegrounds”.

In addition to the new mode, Blizzard added legendary quests to the launch of “Battlefields” in Hearthstone and made changes to daily tasks, making them easier. In addition, players who manage to enter the game before December 10 will receive a Sathrovarr card.

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