Facebook leaked user data

Facebook leaked user data

Some developers, despite the ban, collected user data

The American company Facebook leaked data from users of the social network. This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Business Insider.

Reportedly, about a hundred developers of applications for social networks, despite the ban of the company, gained access to user data. The company said that the new rules regarding user data were not fully implemented, so the developers were able to circumvent them.

It is noted that the company Facebook turned to 11 developers with a request to delete user data that they received over the past 2 months. However, the company did not name the applications that collected information about users. It is known that applications were created to manage social networks and video streaming.

Also, Facebook did not specify what kind of data the developers collected.

Zelensky’s Law on Judicial Reform Published

Recall, Facebook previously accused the NSO Group developer company of spying on officials in at least 20 countries using the WhatsApp application. NSO Group is also accused of distributing malware.

In addition, Facebook agreed to pay a fine due to a scandal with Cambridge Analytica, a consulting company that illegally collected data from British social network users. Facebook has agreed to pay 644 thousand dollars fine.

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